International Sales

Overseas Sales

Our product has been exported to many countries.
Spinal Product: Russia, Iran, France, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Columbia, Venezuela, the Philippines, etc.
Product for Trauma: England, Bulgaria, Georgia, German, Egypt, Thailand, Malasia, Indonesia, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Iran  and the Philippines.
Surgical Stapler: France, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Greece, Egypt, Iran , and the Philippines.
OEM Spinal Screws: America
OEM Product Used for Trauma: German, Turkey, America, France.

Through the cooperation with many domestic well-known experts, we have developed numerous new products. All those products have been highly recognized by clients. Some clients have been our franchisers for years. The sales amount is increased year by year. Annually, a variety of new products will be provided to those franchisers.