•  Reusable Linear Stapler
  •  Reusable Linear Stapler
  •  Reusable Linear Stapler

Reusable Linear Stapler

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12004 FH-D系列

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1 pc

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Product Description




Linear Stapler can be used to conduct anastomoses through firing into the tissues two staggered rows of titanium staples instead of manual stitching. It can reduce operative time and bleeding and provide ease of use. This linear stapler is suitably used for incision anastomosis in alimentary canal surgery such as stomach and enteron. Such as Pneumonectomy Lung lobectomy,Wedge resection Gastrectomy,Small intestine and colon excision operation,Rectum low anterior resection.



●Five specifications meet the requirement of different suture length

●Sterile packaging for all parts

●Reusable after sterilization

●Pure titanium staples




Reusable and economical.

Three specifications suitable for different stapler modes30,60,90

Aseptic packaging.

The material for the staple is pure titanium and the changable cartridge makes it trustable.

The body of stapler can be resterilized.

Convenient detachment and cleaning.

One stapler includes three anvils of different specifications which can fit for four different operation modes.

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