Disposable Trocar with Blade--Minimally invasive, Cavity, for Laparoscopic

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Product Description

Product description:

It is suitable for establishing and maintaining a working channel for instruments entering the thoracic or abdominal cavity in cavity surgery in obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, thoracic surgery and urology.


Product advantages:

1. One-time use to prevent cross infection

2. Integrated design, no need for conversion head, 12mm trocar can be backward compatible with 10mm, 5m, improving surgical efficiency; the 15mm trocar can be backward compatible with 12mm and 10mm, which improves the efficiency of surgery; the 3mm trocar is more suitable for minimally invasive surgery!

3. Silicone valve, strong sealing, to prevent air leakage; 1.5Kpa-4.5K sealing structure beyond the industry standard to ensure the safety of surgery.

4. Transparent casing, clear vision.

5. New technology puncture head design, less trauma, no need for wound suture

6. The three-level air seal is detachable design, making it more convenient to take things

7. Casing thread barb design, stronger adhesion, the same structure as imported products

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